Alodis Help Recup

Help Recup is a feed supplement designed to facilitate the recovery of sport horses.

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Alodis Help Recup 500ML

Help Recup is a feed supplement designed to facilitate the recovery of sport horses. It helps reduce soreness, cramping and fatigue, providing valuable support during periods of intense
during periods of intense activity or competition.


- Certified Bio Ecocert, handmade in a laboratory in Normandy.
- All components are part of tested and referenced batches, guaranteeing perfect product traceability.
- All plants are organically grown and certified by FR-BIO-01.
- LCH (Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques) certified raw materials, enabling risk-free use in competition.
- No additives, preservatives, parabens, silicones or synthetic fragrances.

Why these ingredients?

- Banana: Rich in potassium and magnesium, it helps limit cramps and fatigue in sport horses. Potassium helps maintain normal muscle function.
- Bamboo: Helps remineralize and promote cartilage and tissue reconstruction.

Mehr Informationen

Composition Alodis Help Recup:

- Organic vegetable oil (brassica napus)
- Organic plants (musa sapientum fixa, bambusa arundinacae)


Instructions of use Alodis Help Recup:

- 10 ml per day for 50 days of intensive treatment, or 20 ml for 25 days of intensive treatment.
- Shake well before use. 


- Optimum storage below 20 degrees, away from light and low temperatures.
- Do not expose to sunlight or frost.
- Best before date: 1 year after opening.

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