Grooming Deluxe Brush Long

The middle Brush Long will be one of the last steps in your cleaning routine

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Grooming Deluxe Brush Long

  • For fast overbrushing before entering the ring
  • To get rid of the dust on rugs
  • Long and flexible bristles
  • banana shape for better grip
  • last step in the brushing routine

What’s special

The middle Brush Long will be one of the last steps in your cleaning routine. It can be used for a fast overbrushing of your horse before putting on the saddle and entering the ring. The brush can also be used to get rid of dirt and dust on rugs.

Fabrics & materials

The brush is made of long and very flexible bristles. The polypropylene bristles are very soft and capture the last bits of dirt. The wooden block is varnished to be water and dirt repellent.

Shape & size

The middle brush is banana-shaped and features grips on the side. Thanks to the shape and the grip, the brush is very comfortable to hold.

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