Kentucky Saddle Pad Dressage Skin Friendly

Meet the softest saddle pad on the market

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Kentucky Saddle Pad Dressage Skin Friendly

A super-soft saddle pad that offers comfort to your horse’s back.

- Extremely soft

- Vegan sheepskin

- Velvet outside

- Avoids friction of the saddle

- Perfect for horses with sensitive skin

What’s special

Meet the softest saddle pad on the market! The skin friendly saddle pad velvet combines our famous velvet saddle pad and the skin friendly saddle pad. Avoiding friction of the saddle and providing a chic look at all times. Made from only vegan materials, this saddle pad is 100% animal friendly.

Fabrics & materials

The withers and back of the saddle pad are lined with vegan sheepskin. This offers excellent cushioning and avoids rubbing on the horse’s back. For horses with sensitive skin, this is particularly comfortable. The outside of the saddle pad is made from soft velvet fabric. The saddle pad is quilted in a stylish fishbone quilting.

Shape & size

The skin friendly velvet saddle pad is available in jumping and dressage shapes. There’s only a girth strap so there’re no annoying straps in front of the saddle. The Kentucky logo is placed slightly higher, so there’s still room for embroidery.

Care guide

We recommend washing the saddle pad regularly to avoid rubbing by sweat or dirt. Both the velvet and vegan sheepskin fabric are washing machine friendly. Wash the saddle pad at 30 degrees and let it hang to dry.

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