Amigo fliegenmaske

Die Fliegenmaske von Amigo schützt die Augen, Ohren und den Kopf des Pferdes optimal vor Fliegen.
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Amigo Fliegenmaske

Die Fliegenmaske von Amigo wurde speziell zur Lösung der folgenden Probleme, welche zu Infektionen führen können, entworfen:

  • Fliegen und Bremsen
  • Schmutz
  • schädliche UV-Strahlung

Die Fliegenmaske von Amigo schützt die Augen, Ohren und den Kopf des Pferdes optimal vor Fliegen. Dank der perfekten Form werden Fliegen abgewehrt und wird Reibung verhindert. Um die Maske noch komfortabler zu machen, wurde diese mit Fleece versehen.

Maschinentauglich bis 30 Grad.

Mehr Informationen
Größe der Decke95 | 122 cm
ZutatHorseware - Amigo Flymask The Rambo® Fly Mask has been specially designed with both Comfort and Safety in mind to provide a solution to the following problems that can all cause your horse discomfort and infection. • Flies and Mosquitos • Dirt and Debris • The Sun’s harmful UV rays The Amigo® Fly Mask offers maximum protection to the sensitive areas of the eyes, ears and face by using 1000D Polyester PVC Coated Mesh that is durable but still offers full vision with a cosy fleece lining. Its snug fit prevents both rubbing and flies from getting underneath the mask and causing the horse distress. Its easy fit design allows quick and simple application with just one secure wide Velcro strap under the jowl. Application Procedure: 1. Start with the Velcro throat strap undone 2. Approaching your horse with care, gently pass the Fly Mask over the horse’s head and ears 3. Fasten the Velcro Strap snugly under the jowl 4. It is important to check your horse every day by removing the mask. When removing, be sure to unfasten the Velcro strap quietly as some horses may be startled by the noise of the Velcro ripping Care of your Amigo® Fly Mask To keep your Fly Mask as comfortable as possible for your horse (and to maximise its life) you should clean and maintain it properly. • Wash by hand or on a delicate machine cycle on a cool wash (maximum temperature 30ºC) • Use only very mild soap. Horseware recommends RAMBO® Wash – an environmentally friendly, phosphate free product for use on synthetic fabrics. • Once washed as above, rinse thoroughly and leave to drip dry. Do not tumble dry. • PVC Coated Polyester • Fleece Edging • Velcro Closure
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