Equilibrium Heatsense Massage Pad

Combining reliable, tested and intelligent heat with proven massage, the NEW Heatsense is a great addition to your horses’ daily routine to maintain good back health.
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Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad

The Equilibrium massage pad is lightweight and easy to carry. The massage pad stimulates your horse's back muscles through a pulsating and vibrating motion. The massage pad can be used for warming up and/or cooling down. Flexible use through 3 different programs which vary in intensity.

Clinical research has shown that the flexibility of the back is improved and that the massage pad has a relaxing effect. The pad has an anatomical shape so that it fits nicely from the withers to the loins. The battery is set to a program of 30 minutes, after 30 minutes the massage pad turns off automatically. The pad has 3 different programs allowing you to determine the intensity of the massage yourself.

It is also possible to test this massage pad for 7 days via our Test Center!  

When to use the massage pad?


For horses on box rest to stimulate the blood circulation in the body
After heavy training to get rid of waste products 
Before a training session as part of the warming up
For recovery after long transport
On your horse's day off to maintain supple muscles

Heat is non-invasive, gentle, and well accepted with many associated benefits, including:
Maintaining good oxygen supply to muscles.
Encouraging muscle relaxation.
Increasing flexibility and elasticity of tissue.

How does the massage pad work?

This massage pad has 3 different programs, intensive, medium and low. The desired program can be easily selected via the controller attached to the battery. This allows you to choose the intensity of the program that best suits your horse at that moment. Each program has 3 different massage types, a pulsating movement, a vibrating movement and a stroking movement. This ensures that all muscles are loosened up in different ways. 

The massage pad can be easily integrated into your daily warming up and cooling down routine. The medium program is ideal for warming up the muscles before an intensive workout. The low program is suitable as a cooling down after a workout. The intensive program is suitable for horses with back problems or when you want a more intensive massage for example after a tough competition or intensive training. Each program lasts 30 minutes and stops automatically.

The massage pad fits a large number of horses and ponies and can therefore easily be used for multiple horses. The massage pad comes in a handy carrying case making it easy to take to lessons or at competitions.

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